Additional Needs

Facilities for those with Additional Needs

Policy Statement

At Lodge Hill we are continually working to enable all guests to enjoy the many benefits of our activities and residential facilities.  Our aim is for all visitors to enjoy and benefit from their time at Lodge Hill.  We will endeavour to accommodate anyone requiring additional support relating, for example, to a disability, culture, diet etc and we will be pleased to discuss these with you.

We need you to provide us with the full details as soon as possible to ensure that a fair assessment of service provision can be made and appropriate resources identified with reference to such considerations as access, programming, successful participation and health and safety.

Advance Notification

Servicing additional needs requires advance notification, assessment, agreement and planning.  Please note that we can only take responsibility for arrangements that have been discussed and agreed with us in advance.  All requests for additional needs must be confirmed by Lodge Hill.

Additional Needs can result from:

Behavioural difficulties

Cultural requirements

Dietary requirements


Religious requirements

Behavioural difficulties

We recognise that there is a full spectrum of behavioural traits. Where they can be disruptive we need to be sure the individual involved cannot jeopardise the health and safety and enjoyment of themselves, other participants and our staff.

Our assessment and decision can only be as good as the information we receive by the participants’ parents, teachers, carers, social worker, group leader etc.  Please be as comprehensive and honest as possible in the information you provide to Lodge Hill.

Cultural requirements

We will attempt to assist participants with cultural needs e.g. special dress code or domestic arrangements, where the adjustments are reasonably practicable and do not represent a heath and safety risk. Please advise us of any specific requirements.

Dietary requirements

Lodge Hill is able to deliver catering provision for most dietary requirements as specified by medical concerns, allergies, culture or religion.  We do not however cater for weight management programmes or ‘faddy’ diets.  All meals served at Lodge Hill are nutritious with locally sourced produce as far as possible.  We regularly provide meals for a wide variety of needs including Coeliac, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. Currently we are unable to offer Kosher and Halal menus. 


We strive to ensure all our facilities and activities are as inclusive and accessible as possible. However, we need to be able to assess if Lodge Hill can provide a participant with access to sufficient activities, if the participant has the physical ability to join in activities safely and that we can provide access to necessary domestic facilities.  We therefore need full and comprehensive details of requirements, capabilities and recommendations well in advance to allow us sufficient time to make the appropriate decisions and put any necessary plans into action. Staff at Lodge Hill are not medical or disability experts and so we rely on the information you give to establish suitability, safety and possibilities. We are striving to improve our facilities for those with a disability, whether that be physical or invisible. 

Religious requirements

We will be pleased to support participants’ needs to opt out of our activities on religious grounds if an activity or event is felt inappropriate; in order to pray or attend a religious ceremony; or for any other purpose confirmed by a teacher, group leader or parent.

The facility to attend a religious ceremony will depend on its availability in the area of Lodge Hill.  Any extra travel costs incurred will be borne by the participant, school, organisation or parent.  Escort arrangements will need to be arranged between the school staff, leader or parent in the case of an individual being under 18 years of age. A suitable room with privacy can be provided for prayer by prior arrangement (subject to availability) should one be required on site.

We currently have the following facilities on site and work very hard to ensure that everyone, with or without a disability is able to participate as much as possible in our activities:

All access surfacing around our site suitable for wheelchairs and those with mobility restrictions

All terrain vehicles

Mission bikes

Disabled hoist/harness for the climbing tower/abseiling

Trolley access for the underground tunnels

Disability friendly cross bows for use on the archery range

Use of a golf buggy for transportation around the Lodge Hill site

2 large screen computers in the computer suite with an adjustable height work station

2 disabled wet rooms on the ground floor of the main house

1 wet room, shower chair, specialist bed in Ash Lodge 

Disabled access showers and toilets on the Campsite

A mobile motorised hoist

2 bedrooms on the main house ground floor with visual fire alarms

Disabled toilets on the ground floor of the Bradbury Meeting hall and a disabled lift

Hearing Loop in the Bradbury Meeting Hall