Birds of Prey Experience

Lodge Hill is offering a unique experience to walk the Adventure Trail and learn about owls and hawks, where they live, what they eat, to hold them, see them fly! 

The session will be informative, fun and fly interactive. It will consist of an introduction to each of the birds that are at the session, usually a Parliament of 5 - 8 magnificent birds.

Covered will be their diet, habitat and characteristics as well as some fun facts through the session. Conservation and preservation and what constitutes good husbandry to ensure the welfare of birds in captivity will be covered.

There will also be a demonstration of the silent flight of the Barn Owl and individuals will be asked  to volunteer in this practice, guidance will be given at all times.

During each session there will be the ample opportunities for all those who wish to participate in the handling of birds. A gauntlet will be provided for the participant to wear and an Owl will be placed onto the gloved hand, the individual will be shown how to position their hand and how to stroke an Owl. This close contact is a wonderful opportunity for a truly memorable experience.

As an aid to understanding / investigating the birds' diet, pellet dissection can be very interesting, fun and competitive! We will provide enough pellets for the purpose of exploration of the Owl's meal. 

In the final discussion we will encourage group members to share what they discovered.

In partnership with Owls about Town

Group Size: 12
Age: 7 to 101